Writing For Pleasure And Profit

Writing for pleasure and profit is now easier and more economical than ever before.

Don't wait for success to come to you. Make it happen NOW!

One of my favorite wisdom teachers, Max Steingart, wrote: “Look at things the way you want them to be and then make them happen.”

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After you fill out the Contact Form below, kindly send us by post (address below) in an MS Word document, answers to the following questions and two sample chapters of your manuscript:

    1. What is this book about (1 or 2 sentences)?

    2. Why did you write it (intention)?

    3. Who are your readers (target market)?

    4. What message, if any, do you wish to convey?

    5. How would you help to promote the book?

    6. Please write a 2-5 page synopsis of the book.

    7. Please send a brief outline of each chapter.

    8. Please send two sample chapters.

    9. Please send your bio or resume.

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