Internet Publishing

Internet publishing, like writing itself, is an art, craft and business.

In her latest book, How to Publish and Market a Book Without Jumping Off a Cliff, Carol Adler gives you a basic overview of Internet pubishing and shows you how to do it yourself or work with a quality co-publisher.

What’s inside:

 **Jump—and Fly!

  • **Publishing and Writing for ‘Look and Feel’
  • **How to Choose the Right Online Publisher
  • **A Perfect Match: The Internet & Digital Book Publishing
  • **Book Printing – A Tribute to Jason Epstein
  • **Ebook Publishing 101
  • **Ebook Publishing Requires Protection from Piracy &   Copyright Theft
  • **How to Market Your Published Book
  • **How to Market Your Books Online
  • **Build your “Field” & Become a Traffic Magnet
  • **Make Your Published Book the Hub of Your Online Business
  • **The Internet is All About Community
  • **How to Create a Sales Campaign for Your Published Book
  • **Include a Joint Venture in Your Book Marketing Campaign
  • **Link Your Products (Books) to Your Services

  •                    Bonus Chapters: **How to Write a Book You Can Be Proud Of
  • **How to Write a Book That’s Written by Someone Else
  •                            Enjoy A Free Excerpt

    Quotables from Carol Adler about
    Internet Publishing:

    “Regardless of your method of publishing—traditional, self- or co-publishing—you are the best salesperson of your book(s) because no one is as familiar with the material as you are.

    "Your books are your children.”

    “Your buyers will be your friends and loyal supporters. You are the magnet that will bring those buyers to your website.”

    “Publishing and writing is much more than producing books and articles.

    "It is a statement of your values, commitments and passions. Let your work reflect the ‘look & feel’ of who you are and why you believe you are here (your life purpose).

    "Let it deliver with gusto what you wish to express—what you really wish to convey to your readers.”

    “‘The Law of Attraction’ is more than a modern New Age buzz word. It is a scientific principle: we are magnets.

    "If we feel joyous about ourselves—if we’re happy and grateful to be alive—the universe matches that vibration and offers us a wealth of opportunities for manifesting everything our heart desires.”

    "If you are too busy to open your own self-publishing company and you want to make sure every detail from start to finish is professionally addressed, the best option is to work with a quality co-publishing company.

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