Life On The Other Side
 Secrets Revealed - Tony Stubbs

Life on the other side of human existence as we know it on Planet Earth may not be as mysterious, or fearful as many people think or have been taught to believe.

In The Other Side: Wisdom about the Other Side… from Those Already on the Other Side, best-selling author Tony Stubbs, best known for The Ascension Handbook and Living with Soul, Vols. I and II, explores this fascinating topic.

As luck or most likely after prodigious research, Stubbs stumbled upon a collection of first-hand accounts by people who have already “crossed over,” who as spirits, describe for us Earthlings what it’s really like in their new residence.

the other side cover

The person who collected these stories and who prefers to remain anonymous, graciously gave permission to Stubbs to format his research into book form.

In his Introduction to the collection, Stubbs writes:

“… we read first-hand accounts from many spirits about their own crossing, followed by an overview of the various planes of existence above the Earth Plane.

“Then after reports of the unsavory Near-Earth Plane, Part Two focuses on the Astral Plane, or the main soul plane.

We read accounts of arrival and orientation, what faculties we will have for life on the other side, and what we can expect to experience.

“Then we examine the Higher Astral levels, or Summerlands, which will be your home if you’re leading a life of kind service to those around you.

“Next, we read about the lower Astral Plane levels, peopled by the spiritually unevolved and those who were sure death meant oblivion so are wandering around a little confused.

“Part Three then looks at special topics such as children and animals that cross over, the hierarchy running the Other Side, and activities and travel over there.

Then, after discussing the woeful job done by organized religion to prepare us for the Afterlife, the book wraps up with advice from those who have already crossed over, about life on both sides of the veil and how we can better work together."

                         Enjoy An Excerpt From The Other Side


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