Powering the Lean Enterprise, by Bill Artzberger

In Powering the Lean Enterprise, author Bill Artzberger introduces basic lean rules and principles in a variety of simulated cases drawn from his personal experiences as a lean coach, trainer and manager.

In each instance, Bill presents a different scenario for implementing lean technologies. 

“The goal of lean is to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value-added steps in the business process in order to streamline operations, improve quality and gain customer loyalty,” states Bill.

“Implementation of lean technologies for a significant number of prestigious Fortune 500 as well as smaller companies has netted larger profit margins, higher quality products and services, improved employee engagement, increased customer satisfaction, and lower operating costs.

The ROI for lean is off the charts.”

Writes Bill: “Lean learning is an ongoing journey toward personal and professional improvement.

At the end of every success is another obstacle waiting to be perceived as yet another learning opportunity.” 

Lean Learning→Lean Thinking→Lean Mindset→Lean Culture=Lean Environment

In this book you will learn about:

• Lean Thinking

• Lean Mindset

• Lean Culture

• The 4 Lean Rules & 5 Lean Principles

• Choosing Lean

• Lean Transformation Roadmap

• Lean Leadership

• Five Common Lean Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them 

• Kaizen Workshops 

• Daily Improvements - Kata 

Bill Artzberger has over twenty-five years of experience in real-world senior management, including CIO, VP, President and CEO.

He has worked with thousands of individuals from the boardroom to the shop floor, in virtually all sectors of industry. 

Currently Bill is the managing partner at the Lean Learning Center in Troy, Michigan.

He has an MBA and is ITIL Certified, a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Bill specializes in Lean Training, Consulting in Lean Manufacturing, Project Management, Kaizen Implementations, Shop Floor Management, Information Systems, and Supply Chain Management.

Reviews of Powering the Lean Enterprise

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