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The Alley of Wishes

Cited as a Fiction Masterpiece, The Alley of Wishes by Laurel Johnson... Review by Marshall Thomas, author of the “Soldier of the Legion” science fiction series:

"The Alley of Wishes is a masterpiece, set in Paris during the First World War, relating the tragic story of a seemingly hopeless affair between a young American army deserter and a luckless but lovely Parisian bistro singer.

"This is an intense, powerful book that plumbs the depths of human emotion, taking the reader on a wild ride from total despair to blinding love.

"The author reveals the dark side of the human psyche as her characters descend into an underworld of tortured souls fighting evil, hatred and tragedy armed with love alone.

fiction masterpiece

"Laurel Johnson is a skilled wordsmith who constructs her scenes like an artist working with oils.

"Her characters are memorable and will stay with you long after the book is finished. The author brings the reader right into the souls of her characters, who come alive as real people, struggling for survival in a hostile world.

"This book surprised me.

I was expecting a harmless romance but found myself in uncharted waters at night in the grip of a typhoon. It's a wonderful book but be prepared to be haunted by it later."

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When The Alley of Wishes was first released, book reviewer and literary agent Jeanette Lundgren wrote: “Laurel Johnson’s work is much more than Les Miserables.

"This is a lovely and painfully dramatic book that--for those of us who love the classic works of literature--will be here when many commercial works of fiction have faded.

"If you believe in the ultimate triumph of love, faith and friendship, The Alley of Wishes is a book that you should both read and cherish.”

Johnson, a proflic writer, is also the author of another Dandelion favorite, My Name is Esther Clara, a biographical account of her grandmother Esther Sanow's American midwestern pioneer life.

Both The Alley of Wishes and My Name Is Esther Clara are available in hard copy and ebook formats.

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Laurel Johnson Wins Purple Star Squidoo Award For Her Lens On American Pioneer Life 

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