Trapped In A Religious Myth

Religious myth may be the spiritual, emotional (and physical) bread & butter of the modern age. Yet according to Ric Mason, author of Transcend Your Religion & Embrace Your Spirituality, it may have outworn its stay.

religious myth

States Mason, “It’s time to transcend these archaic belief systems and embrace an authentic understanding of ourselves as spiritual beings in physical bodies.

“Religious doctrine is crafty, insidiously constructed dogma. Religion encourages separatism, claims Mason, whereas spirituality recognizes that ‘we are one.’”

Mason joins the large number of researchers who have uncovered the many inconsistencies and contradictions in today’s religious doctrines and dogmas; hence, the labeling as religious myth.

Sufficient evidence shows that these teachings and practices are not divinely inspired as once believed, but craftily and often insidiously constructed to suit the greed and need of the power group of the day.

The author’s breezy “down-home” delivery of hard-hitting truths will hit you in the gut and you’ll find yourself agreeing with what you already know but may be afraid to admit: there will be no tomorrow if we keep mounting barbaric crusades in the name of self-appointed “deities.”

Mason holds a degree in modern languages from the University of Northern Arizona.

He has worked as a copper miner, high school and community college teacher and guitar instructor.

Currently he works in social services.

He has two children and resides in Arizona.

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