Past Life Regression Therapist Dolores Proiette

Past Life Regression Therapist Dolores Proiette is swamped with clients who want to know all the faces and places of ‘who they really are.’

Why not settle for who you are right now, suggest many past life regression therapists who perform this highly sensitive work.

The goal is not to parade the tinfoil of the past as Shakespeare or Cleopatra, but learn how past life traumas and upsets may be affecting current challenges.

In her book, Unveil the Past, Heal the Future through Hypnotherapy

Dandelion author Dolores Proiette answers the question, “Can past-life traumas spill over into a current lifetime, causing illnesses and phobias that doctors and psychiatrists cannot diagnose—and if so, can sessions with a hypnotherapist heal them?” by relating “spell-binding” transcripts of actual hypnotherapy sessions.

past life regression therapist

Dr. Proiette, a past life regression therapist with a practice in Phoenix, Arizona, has doctorates in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Philosophy, a master’s degree in Education, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

She is also a Reiki Master Third Degree Therapist and has completed advanced graduate studies in Professional Counseling.

Dr. Proiette is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis.

(ASPH), an organization of hypnotherapists that meets monthly to give presentations and demonstrations.

Another question often asked by Dr. Proiette’s clients is: “is it possible that many of us have contact with ETs that is then ‘erased’ from our conscious mind but is still left in our subconscious mind for hypnotherapy to reveal?”

Her book delivers authentic transcriptions straight from her clients about ET encounters.

One of the most important issues that Dr. Proiette addresses concerns questions about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy: do we keep running into the same group of souls in successive lifetimes?

If so, could hypnotherapy help us improve our relationships with them?

Can past-life traumas spill over into a current lifetime, causing illnesses and phobias that doctors and psychiatrists cannot diagnose--and if so, can hypnotherapy heal them?

Writes book designer Tony Stubbs and author of Living with Soul - Vol I, Living With Soul - Vol. II  and It's All about Control: The God, Jesus and ET Coverup:

“When I started working on this book, I was so fascinated by the content that I stopped working and just read the manuscript for pleasure.

"The compelling case studies took my breath away; I was  awestruck 
by the width and depth of our subconscious mind, and by the power 
of hypnosis to unlock its trove of deep, dark secrets.”

Dolores Proiette hypnotherapist

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