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Ghostwriting is an art as well as a skill that like any creative work, requires experience as well as expertise.

It is also a business. A professional ghostwriter will consider an assignment as a job order for which a contract is signed, with specific information about confidentiality, delivery dates and a fee schedule.

An expert ghostwriter must also have "right brain" or highly developed intuitive skills. 

They will be conscious of how their clients express themselves.

They will mirror their clients' style as well as their voice.

In a sense, a good ghostwriter must "become" the persona of their client.

This type of sensitive discovery work cannot be learned by taking journalism or creative writing courses.

Perhaps it can best be compared to shamanic work.

Shamans heal by going inside themselves to find the "soul path" or healing journey of the person they're working with.

Likewise, a professional ghostwriter goes inside to access the energy path within themselves that will enter the inner life of their client.

Even if a project is technical in nature, the requirements are the same.  

Ghostwriting also requires excellent organizational skills. Once the material has been drafted, it must be carefully revised not once, but several times until it reads well and satisfies the client's job description.

If you have an idea for a story or article and you'd like help with developing it, feel free to contact us.

Initial phone or email consultation is always free!

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