The Atlantis Quest – Fact or Fiction?

The Atlantis quest has inspired scientists, explorers and writers throughout the ages to explore the oceans, dig for archaeological remain--and also dig deep inside for any "past life" traces that may have left their remnants in the human psyche.

Did this continent actually exist?

In an extraordinary work that supports the theory that Atlantis was not only an actual civilization, but one that was highly advanced, Dandelion author Solara Vayanian delivers convincing evidence.

solara time mind

In the introduction, Vayanian writes: "The fall of the great civilization of Atlantis is imminent.

"As is the way of ideas that are birthed into the matter worlds, once they take physical form they eventually crystallize and stagnate instead of flowing and growing.

"We see in the life of a flower, the life of a civilization. The difference is, a flower does not think, and so in its own natural time it dissolves back into the Earth for regeneration.

"Human Beings think, and think they know best, and hold on to things too long, or try to create against the flow of Nature.

"Either scenario results in destruction. If only they would observe the flower and its ultimate wisdom: JUST BE."

Laurel Johnson, Senior Reviewer for The Midwest Review states in her review of Vayanian’s Time out of Mind:

"In this fascinating tale about the last days of Atlantis, Solara Vayanian draws chilling similarities between that ancient culture and our world today. America, especially, should heed her words.

"Once a shining beacon to the known world, Atlantis courted its own destruction, just as America is today. Make no mistake. The ancient primordial powers of darkness and light are doing battle in the world around us. Good versus evil.

"The author speaks with thrilling prose and stunning universal truths in an effort to get our attention. World events are leading to another cataclysm.

"The people of Atlantis had drifted from days of glory towards mediocrity. They had forgotten how to live in harmony with the land. Their bodies, minds, and spirits were no longer in tune as they had been once… Atlantis caused its own demise. Will we?

"The light of love unending is the answer. Can we heed it? Love is the only true healer. Are we capable of believing that?

Also by Solara Vayanian - The Stars Gave Passion

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