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A fiction book publisher that is driven by a mission to deliver quality works with lasting value has a responsibility both to its readership and to itself.

The work is crafted well. 

It will be inspiring, entertaining, uplifting or enlightening.

Fiction Book Publisher

Dandelion's authors deliver a compelling story rich with colorful details and memorable characters.

Publishers that seek quality fiction are also looking for novels and short stories that survive long after today’s best seller has been forgotten.

Potential for feature films and television series is also important.

Waaaay Out There! Diggertown, Oklahoma, by Tuklo Nashoba…Adventures of constable Clint Mankiller and his deputy, Chad GhostWolf; Jim Bob and Bubba Johnson, Grandfather GhostWolf, Cassie Snodgrass, Doc Jones, Judge Jenkins and the rest of the Diggertown, Oklahoma bunch in the first of a series of Big Foot-Sasquatch tall tales peppered with lots of good belly laughs and just as much fun.(ISBN 1-893302-44-X)$13.95+S&H

The Arbuckle Treasure Hunt:: Book Two in the"Waaaay Out There!" Series

The Alley of Wishes, by Laurel Johnson… Despite the ravages of WWI on Paris and on the young American farm boy, Beck Sanow, and despite the abusive relationship that the chanteuse Cerise endures, the two share a bond that is unbreakable by time, war, loss of memory, loss of life and loss of youth. Beck and Cerise are both good people beset by constant tragedy. Yet it is tragedy that brings them together, and it is unconditional love that keeps them together. (ISBN 1-893302-46-6) - $17.95 + S & H

A Mother’s Journey: To Release Sorrow And Reap Joy, by Sharon Kay… A poignant account of Norah Ann Mason’s life journey as a wife, mother and single parent. This book will have a powerful impact on anyone, female or male, who has experienced parental abuse, family separations, financial struggles and a desperate need to find the magic in life that others talk about that just doesn’t seem to be there for them. (ISBN 1-893302-52-0) - $16.95 + S & H

Return To Masada, by Robert G. Makin… In a gripping account of the famous Battle of Masada, Robert G. Makin skillfully recaptures the blood and gore as well as the spiritual essence of this historic struggle for freedom and independence. (ISBN 1-893302-10-5) $18.95 + S & H

Time Out Of Mind, by Solara Vayanian… Atlantis had become a snake pit of intrigue teeming with factious groups vying for power and control. An unforgettable drama that tells of the breakdown of the priesthood, the hidden scientific experiments in genetic engineering which produced "things" -- part human and part animal -- and other atrocities; the infiltration by the dark lords of Orion; and the implantation of the human body with a device to fuel the Orion wars. (ISBN 1-893302-21-0) $16.95 + S & H

President Of The World, by Norman D. Livergood... What would you do if you found yourself pitted against two “gorgons”? The first, whose name was in fact Dr. Gorgon and whose only goal is to create a One World Government, in the process annihilating the last vestiges of the USA, already a rapidly deflating Super-Power—and the second, Franklin Cartwright, a highly eccentric genius and wisdom keeper of the universal “Perennial Tradition”? The latter defined by Norman D. Livergood, author of President of the World as well as a book titled the Perennial Tradition, as “the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of mysticism.” [Amazon - $9.99 eBook]

The Extinctive Life, by Carol Adler... Is the extinctive life worth living? CoCo Bernstein ponders between orgasms throughout this naughty little book by Carol Adler. Unlike Plato and other philosophers of the past, however, who would probably make a big deal out of a question like that, CoCo really couldn’t care less or even more, for that matter. It is simply a statement that any person, male or female would make at any age when life itself has failed to produce anything but surprises, day in and day out, especially when most of us except maybe a few diehards, end up creating our own reality. [Amazon - $9.99 eBook]

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