More Rhonda Rabow Reviews

More Rhonda Rabow Reviews for Discover the 3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After...

From Laurel Johnson, Senior Review Editor for Midwest Book Review and Dandelion Books Author:

Almost 50% of marriages in North America fail. Rhonda Rabow believes such failures are unnecessary and she has the credentials and experience to back it up.

More Rhonda Rabow Reviews

For decades, she has practiced as a Counseling Psychologist, a Family Life Educator, and Relationship Therapist.

As she worked one-on-one with troubled marriage partners, Ms. Rabow developed a treatment plan that delivers long term results in a short term time period.

This book is the culmination of more than 25 years of experience as a marriage counselor.

The premise of her counseling plan is simple and straightforward, based on 3 secrets:

  •      **Focus on your partner’s strengths.
  •      **Learn to listen and communicate.
  •      **Deal with the problem and then let it go.
    Rabow understands that these three steps can be difficult at first. Marital infidelity, for example, breaks hearts and wounds spirits. Ridicule can be equally wounding. In her book, she provides examples of how to apply the secrets to specific issues and of real couples who overcame difficult obstacles by systematically applying the three secrets. The author also takes readers through the five steps of a successful marriage. No matter what the struggle, a state of happiness and contentment can be reached by communicating and cooperating throughout these five steps:

  •      **Infatuation
  •      **Disillusionment
  •      **Power struggle
  •      **Acceptance, forgiveness, letting go
  •      **Happily ever after
    Some couples manage to work their way through problems on their own. Most give up in despair, resulting in divorce. Rhonda Rabow has provided simple, helpful, sensible guidelines here for troubled couples. Her book should be required reading for every couple planning marriage. Highly recommended.
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