President Of The World Review

President of the World

By Norman D. Livergood

ISBN 978-1-934280-97-3


450 pages e-book at $9.99

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Dr. Livergood’s latest book, President Of The World, is a shocker. Yes, it’s fiction, but fiction that addresses many of the concerns we see around us in the world today:

· Crooked politicians and bankers;

· The proliferation of illegal drugs;

· Manipulation of the Federal Reserve System;

· Increasing violence in TV, movies, video games, and in the real world;

· Scandals and suspicious deaths in high places;

· A failing education system;

· A failing economy world-wide.

Ben Emerson is a man on a quest. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and is a gifted profiler. Ben wants answers about why the world is so chaotic.

He wonders why voters haven’t ousted the current crop of politicians, why they accept political sins of omission and commission like sheep? He seeks enlightenment through a Dr. Cartright who contends that religion is the fossilized remains of a genuine tradition, an ancient belief system called The Perennial Tradition.

His search takes him to the picturesque California wine country and Cartright’s compound.

Emerson’s search for understanding turns ugly when his mother is disgraced and fired as the U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg. How could this happen to an honest woman who has always been faithfully devoted to her country?

His investigation of her downfall introduces Emerson to Dr. Lyman Gorgon. Gorgon has managed successful campaigns for politicians who should never have been elected. He’s a master of manipulating the masses through TV advertisements that overtly smack of mind control. Gorgon has developed The Medusa Project.

His ultimate goals are:

· Programming the minds of school children starting in first grade;

· Turning American minds to figurative stone through TV and movie messages and images;

· Destroying what’s left of the country’s moral underpinning;

· And revising the U.S. constitution to suit his goals.

To do this, he and his minions must control all branches of government, including the President.

In hopes of finding a chink in Gorgon’s armor, Emerson joins forces with Col. Frank Wilson, his ex-brother-in-law, and Tim Keplar, a skilled computer hacker.

He focuses on bringing Gorgon down, while continuing his quest for enlightenment with Dr. Cartright. Cartright’s path to fine tuning the universe is simple: See with your heart; stop spending time and energy worrying about world troubles; and believe that even evil forces can be bridled to benefit the ultimate good.

Will good overcome evil? Can a handful of enlightened citizens overcome a chaotic world?

This was a well-written, fascinating read. Livergood asks all the right questions and provides intriguing solutions to the world we live in today. If you’re a thinking citizen of any country in the world, worried about the chaos around you, this book is highly recommended. My take is that President of the World is more truth than fiction.

Review by Laurel Johnson, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Review

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