Romantic Relationships - Tomorrow's Heartbreak?

These days, Romantic Relationships of the "happily ever after" variety seem to be on an emotional treadmill.

"One of the top reasons that marriages end is because people don’t make their relationship enough of a priority," writes Rhonda Rabow, M.A., a Montreal - based Marriage and Family Counselor, in her new ebook, Discover the 3 Secrets to Living Happily Ever After.

"They don’t spend enough quality time together. They forget how to have fun, how to enjoy and appreciate each other. They start taking each other for granted.

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"It’s not how often you argue that determines the happiness in a relationship; it is how you argue.

"How you handle conflict and express yourself and your needs, how you communicate and solve problems, and how willing you are to 'let it go and move on.'

"Like a garden, Romantic Relationships have to be tended. Once we neglect our love with our self, our partner and others, it starts to sprout weeds.

"Eventually the weeds will overwhelm the flowers and choke off their growth. Nurturing requires a conscious effort."

Writes Rabow: "Love isn’t about how many times you say 'I love you' after you’ve finished yelling or hurting each other.

"It is about acting in loving ways… appreciating and cherishing your partner. It is about focusing on their positive aspects. And that’s what my '3 Secrets' are all about."

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More information about Mrs. Rabow’s practice and her credentials are available at her websites: Help Me Help Me Rhonda.   

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