We Must Replace Capitalism With Commonwealth

We Must Replace Capitalism with Commonwealth, by Norman D. Livergood, is a companion piece to America Awake, Progressive Awareness, Realizing a New Culture & The New Commonwealth, also published by Dandelion Books.

We Must Replace Capitalism with Commonwealth

Writes Dr. Livergood: The United States has been under the dominance of several different predatory capitalist cabal groups from its inception:

  • 1787: An oligarchic cabal that perpetrated a coup d’état in concocting and pushing through a plutocratic Constitution
  • 1796-1800: The Federalist party cabal that seized dictatorial power during the John Adams presidency
  • 1830-1900: The Rothschild-Belmont Cabal that manipulated the American South to start the disastrous civil war
  • 1913: The capitalist cabal that seized control of the U.S. in the first two decades of the twentieth century

We Must Replace Capitalism with Commonwealth is divided into three sections:

  1. Why Capitalism Must Be Replaced
  2. Progressives and Progressivism
  3. Why And How Cooperative Commonwealth Communities Must Replace Capitalism

In this book, Dr. Livergood examines the precise nature of capitalism as it has become ingrained in American society: a militaristic, imperialistic, dictatorial, fascist, police state.

He also studies how Americans can overcome the onslaughts of capitalism through understanding the perennial wisdom of Plato, through understanding progressivism and progressives, and through building cooperative commonwealth communities.

Dr. Livergood analyzes how the minds of Americans have been systematically taken over by capitalist propaganda and brainwashing, until today most Americans are unable to realize that the United States has become identical in essence to Nazi Germany in 1933.

He studies the specific onslaughts of the capitalist cabal against American workers.

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