Writing And Publishing A Book
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Who ever said writing and publishing a book was limited to just a hard copy printed product sold in bookstores?

Today, thanks to the Internet and digital technologies, the world of writing and publishing has taken a quantum leap to a whole new reading arena.

If writing a book seems formidable, as with any goal that seems daunting, chunk it down.

If you need help getting it written, I’ll be delighted to show you how to do it and even write it for you, if that will take care of Step Number One and move you forward to Step Number Two!

After you have a finished product ready to publish, consider one of the 3 options available for hard copy books: traditional, co-publishing or self-publishing.

I highly recommend that if you can “do it yourself,” do it!

Become your own publisher and make the lion’s share of the money.

And if you need help along the way, Dandelion can step in at any point and provide the necessary services. And if we can’t, we’ll refer you to others who can.

400,000 Hard Copy Books published in 2007!

I was astounded when I read this figure in an article by Rachel Donadio in the NY Times Sunday Book Review, April 27, 2008. Another amazing statistic: of the Americans surveyed, 53% had not read a book within the past year.

This means you’re on the right track by covering all the bases. Today writing and publishing a book involves making it available in many formats.

I highly recommend publishing your books in both hard copy, or printed editions and as ebooks or electronic editions.

You can promote either format as an ebook by excerpting a chapter or segment and making it into another ebook.

You can then post this on you website or if you have a newsletter, send it out with a hyperlink for free download.

It’s All In The Marketing

If you wish, you can sell your entire hard copy book in small ebook segments separately.

Sell them in many places, in addition to posting them with a download and shopping cart on your website.

It's also easy and fast to download them Amazon's Kindle, Please Contact Us if you'd like to have your hard copy book professionally converted for distribution and sales on all available ebook readers and smart phones.

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