Ask an author how they feel about the book publishing revolution and expect surprising responses

If you ask an author who is already established—one who is producing a new book every year—they may confidently retort that the current upheaval in the publishing industry doesn’t really affect them.

Ignorance is bliss

Many established authors already know better. Either they’ve seen the handwriting on the wall with a “NY publisher’s” reluctance to give them the same or a better deal for their new book, or they are aware of behind-the-scenes cuts in marketing and promotion budgets.
Many established authors are also well aware of brick & mortar bookstore woes.

With large warehouse stores such as Costco, Walmart and Target now carrying a wide variety of books printed in China, book lovers are abandoning the large chain bookstores.

Most people will buy where they can get the best price.

Online book buying with deep discounts and free shipping has also cut into large chain bookstore profits.

Ask an author how they feel about competing with tens of thousands of self publishing authors who are launching their own often highly successful online marketing and promotion campaigns--that cost a fraction of what a traditional publisher has to pay to book mainstream media engagements, or pay for brick & mortar bookstore display racks and advertising space in wholesalers’ seasonal catalogs.

These authors know too well that traditional publishers have been forced to start pumping promotion dollars into online marketing campaigns (while still paying stiff 60% discounts to their wholesalers).

This places established professional writers in the same arena as newbie and wannabe writers—some of whom are raking in hefty revenues from books that are poorly written and rarely edited.

What's the solution?

You can either fight 'em or join 'em. While keeping their eye on the ball, knowing full well that the large book publishers will either have to go digital or perish (Harper/Collins is one of the first to show signs of yielding), many authors are opening up their own self publishing companies or choosing reputable online co-publishing companies to produce and market their books.

These authors are also savvy enough to get their books published online as ebooks and available for purchase on Amazon’s Kindle.

Ask an author how to form your own publishing company or co-publish with an existing one.

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