Creating A Book - Do You Really Need To?

Creating a book is a labor intensive, full time job, writes Laurel Johnson in her review of Carol Adler's new book on writing, Do You Really Need To Write A Book? Tips & Techniques On How To Write, Publish, Market & Promote YOUR BOOK!

Harried professionals, beleaguered CEOs, and busy entrepreneurs may have helpful information to share with the public, but where will they find the time to write a book when every waking hour is packed with other activities?

Adler - Laurel Johnson review write a book

And even if they find the time to write a book, do they have the creative energy, computer skills, and writing ability to complete the project?

Professionals and entrepreneurs have many beneficial gifts and stories to share, but not everyone can write a book.

This how-to guideline is for every skilled professional and gifted entrepreneur who wants to share their story but wouldn’t know where to begin the process.

Carol Adler provides simple guidelines for creating a book. As an entrepreneurial publisher, author, teacher, editor, book doctor, and ghost writer, she certainly has the credentials and experience to qualify as an expert.

Carol Adler Write a book

Adler believes that successful people are their own best asset. It’s possible for their life and work to inform, inspire, enlighten and entertain others, if only they can get the word out.

The best way to accomplish this is by honestly and sincerely sharing yourself and your gifts with the world.

Strengths and weaknesses, quirks and foibles, successes and failures, plans and dreams are all an interesting, integral part of each person, what Adler calls “visuals and sensuals.”

Topics include:

          The Who, What, Where, When, Why, How of writing.

  •          Why should YOU write a book?
  •          The many types of publishing.
  •          Should you contract with a book doctor or ghost writer?
  •          Publishing and promoting your book.
  •          Marketing your book online.

    If you’ve ever considered writing a book, the information here is practical and sensible.
  • Adler provides realistic guidelines in a humorous, personable style.
  • Do you need a book doctor or ghost writer?
  • Does your work-in-progress need an editor’s eye? Are you confused by terminology such as print-on-demand or self-publishing?
  • Is your heart set on finding a literary agent and a traditional publisher? You’ll find answers to every question here. This book is helpful, entertaining, inspiring, and highly recommended.

        ~Review by Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review

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