Dying To Know What Happens
After Life?

If you're dying to know what happens after life, read Tony Stubbs' new book, Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

Inspired by the movie Beetlejuice, Stubbs’ Handbook reveals what you or your loved ones can expect when you cross over and arrive on the Soul Plane.

In his usual irreverent and humorous style, Tony takes a light-hearted look at what you’ll need to know to prepare for the Afterlife.

Handbook Deceased - Stubbs-Amazon

With all the “How To” books and “Handbooks for Dummies” in the marketplace,someone finally came up with one for the most important subject of all: Death & Dying.

If you want to know what happens to you after you take your last breath, this book is for you.

Forget Fodor and Michelin; Tony Stubbs has written the ultimate guidebook for your journey to You Know Where.

Known globally for his best-selling An Ascension Handbook and definitive books on spirituality,Living With Soul - Vols. I & II, it is not surprising that Stubbs would come up with a book that tells you “everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask” about when your soul leaves your physical body and crosses over to what is commonly referred to as The Other Side.

        Excerpt From Handbook For The Recently Deceased

“Congratulations! You just crossed over!” writes Stubbs, who wants to makes sure you understand there’s nothing morbid about this eticketed (“e” for “etheric")journey, “unless that’s the way you want it to be.”

Therefore, even if you were not dying to know,it is e-ssential to bring yourself up to speed by learning as much as possible about what to expect upon soul plane arrival and eternally thereafter.

Much of Stubbs’ information is gleaned from detailed reports from those who have crossed over and delivered through a number of gifted mediums still in physical body on the earth plane.

You can read these accounts in Stubbs’ three other books about Death & Dying: Death Without Fear, Death Is Just A Word, and The Other Side.

Tony Stubbs - Handbook Deceased

Shortly after Tony Stubbs wrote this book, he passed over himself. He was formerly president of TJ Publish, a globally recognized ghost-writing, editing, desktop publishing and book consulting company.

Tony was one of the most prolific writers on the subject of UFOs, spirituality, life-after-death,metaphysics, the new millennium, recovery, and personal growth.

This was his seventh published work with Dandelion Books.

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