Green Books – Pros and Cons

Green books are great--as long as publishers and book buyers have the green to pay for them.

Known as a “visionary publisher,” therefore it came as no surprise that Dorling Kindersley just announced it is launching “the world’s greenest books.”

Posted at 6:50AM Monday 07 Apr 2008: “Using the most ethical and environmental practices available, German publisher, Dorling Kindersley has created a global publishing first with its Made with Care series of striking new books. The books are full of planet-friendly content.”

Although offering a broad range of subject matter, Dorling Kindersley is focused on delivering green messages.

Green Profit Margins – Reality vs. Illusion

Thanks to state-of-the-art reader devices such as Amazon’s new Kindle, today’s publishers can eliminate paper products altogether.

Countless numbers of books can be downloaded to a single device that is slimmer than a standard trade paperback, and stored free at Amazon Cloud.

Kindle users have access to over 90,000 books already “virtually stocked” in the Kindle Media Center of the Amazon website.

Green Books For Children

Electronic books and reading devices aren’t for everyone, however. Kids give their books a good workout.

Few children's books avoid food stains and beverage spills or corners chewed off by the family pet (or teething sibling).

Clearly, the market for children’s books will never disappear as long as we humans keep producing more children!

Children who are avid readers are always asking for yet another book, and friends and family love to give books to children as presents.

Green Books Or Green Turkeys?

The Internet is flooded with articles about large chain bookstore and “NY Publishers'" complaints about The Target/Walmart/Costco competition.

No one can compete with Made in China printing costs.

Can we find a green solution for Made in China books, or will customers be willing to pay more for environmentally friendly books printed in the US?

It takes a great deal of “go green” dedication and deep pockets for book lovers to pay double or triple the amount for the same book they can buy at Costco’s, when they know that book may accidentally end up lying outside in the rain.

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