New Concept Publishing Trims Off The Fat From A Sluggish Book Industry

New concept publishing conjures images of sleek, slim and chic lightweight reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle that has wireless access to over 90,000 titles on the Kindle Media spot of the website. Over 200 of these books can be stored and popped into your purse or briefcase.

Or: countertop “jukebox”-type printers that can produce a printed and bound book in 20 minutes or less.
Jason Epstein, former Editorial Director of Random House, a main supporter of the Espresso and author of Book Business: Publishing Past, Present, and Future, called the book machine “the future of publishing.”

“By the time all books are digitized over the next few years, we will have replaced the 500-year- old Gutenberg system,” said the publishing industry icon.

“Everyone will have access to the machine and will be able to download any book ever printed, saving thousands of dollars in inventory losses from unsold books.”

Or: One-stop shops that provide full service for authors from start to finish, including but not limited to: ghost writing, book doctoring, line editing, proofing, design and layout, printing set up, print runs, distribution, marketing and promotion.

Deconstructing The Old To Make Room For The New

New concept publishing companies come in a variety of forms, but the most efficient and economical in the long run, is the company that “does it all” and produces quality products.

new concept publishing two It isn’t easy for traditionalists to accept change but since change is inevitable and digital technologies are here to stay, it’s time for publishers, authors and aspiring writers to embrace the new--and honor the old for what it is: out-moded.

Envision tomorrow’s libraries as structures filled not with shelves from ceiling to floor, but a series of “espresso” type book machines and tables with laptops for data search.

Marketing-Addressing The Bottom Line

Any new concept publishing company must have a built-in marketing strategy for not only capturing online sales but also for helping authors create a social networking community of loyal customers.

Each author must be able to build and maintain their own strategically built website. This hands-on type of self-promotion is critical to the entire book publishing process if the goal is to sell books and make money.

To date, the best marketing and promotion package available is SiteSell.

Step by step, the SiteSell (Solo Build It) team shows entrepreneurs how to transform themselves into infopreneurs—a perfect program for writers, since content rich web pages is the key to online marketing success.

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