Online Book Marketing - Who's The Target?

Online book marketing gurus are expert bundlers.

Don’t be surprised if you consult with one of these wizards and they suggest that in order to “move” your book, you offer free lottery tickets, 4-day vacation getaways, free grocery coupons… anything “free” or “shipping cost only” that they reassure you will force people to buy your frickin words!

How does that feel inside? Like the elevator got stuck in the bargain basement or you got trapped at your neighbor’s garage sale?

Here’s a little more chutzpah to add to the mix: these marketing magi’s will try to convince you to purchase a plane ticket to attend their resort-style Mastermind Marketing Seminars (do you smell a high mortgage or college tuition payment almost ripe or over-doo-doo?).

Or--just as costly—they may invite you to visit them for a One-on-One Private Session in their office(s) where you’ll spend countless hours listening to their extraordinary marketing achievements.

You'll even get free lunch

How many times has your Uncle Louie or Aunt Minnie told you there are no free lunches? So… why didn’t you listen?

“I make no promises,” declares Dr. Marketing Wizard, blatantly disclaiming himself from any liability. “You do need to recognize, however, that I’m the greatest marketing genius in the world.

"I can sell your books (your dirty underwear, your ex-wife/husband)… anything you want (to get rid of).

"I’ve got YEARS (?) of experience to prove it--yes sir!—we have everything you’d ever need in order to make it all happen... and here’s the best part of all: our online book marketing won’t cost you a single penny!”

Do You Like SPAM Sandwiches?

SPAM tastes somewhat like bologna (pronounced “baloney”), depending on your taste buds and what part of the world you’re from. In Korea, I understand SPAM is considered a delicacy.

Like most products concocted from pork scraps and loaded with preservatives, one bite delivers more than you ever asked for.

To further define SPAM in its generic lower case version, it is the stuff that causes diarrhea on the internet and often leads self-righteous e-mailers to destroy even their most potential friendships with all manner of (costly) barbed wire and blocks.

Get real and drop the neediness.

Sell only your book and you: who you are and everything you represent as a person.

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