Online Self Publishing Is No Longer For Amateurs Only

At one time, online self publishing was only a pastime for retired seniors and wannabe professional writers.

Internet surfers played at writing blogs, collecting scrapbooks and baking birthday cakes, placing equal value on each of these activities.

Not anymore. Not when Harper/Collins, Harper/Collins, a major “New York” publishing company announces that it is launching a new book imprint that won’t accept returns from retailers and will pay little or no advances to authors.

The message is clear… or the agenda is transparent.

One can guess that this new division will produce digitally books delivered through an on demand distribution system that sells its books directly to online retailers such as

The books will be printed at the shipping facility—as the buyer’s credit card is processed.

This eliminates the need for delivering 60% of the retail price to an intermediary.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that this method of printing and delivering books is exactly what the New York publishers, major booksellers such as Barnes & Noble and book reviewers such as Publishers’ Weekly and Kirkus Review have scorned until now as an “inferior way of publishing books that delivers an inferior product”!

Birnam Woods Has Come To Dunsinane Hill

Online self publishing is re-forming the traditional book publishing industry.

Until now, mainstream media has refused to review books that can not be found in brick & mortar bookstores - and brick & mortar bookstores have refused to give shelf space to print on demand books.

It should be apparent where all of this is heading: “no returns” and “no advance against royalties” is a vote of little or no confidence in the hard copy book industry, which, thanks to the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader, is rapidly going digital.

In the future, look for brick & mortar bookstores featuring mainly children’s books - and don't forget to put an Amazon Kindle on your wish list.

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