Promote Your Own Book... Shamelessly!

To promote your own book without feeling self-conscious, embarrassed or ashamed (“Why does it have to be me who tells everyone what a great writer I am?”) take a tip from some of the experts.

In today’s publishing arena with over 400,000 books published annually (NY Times, April 2008 article), you cannot afford NOT get out there with a megaphone to tell the world about yourself. How else will they find you?

Dandelion author, Laurel Johnson, (The Alley of Wishes and My Name Is Esther Clara), who is also the senior reviewer for Midwest Book Review, speaks from experience. Here’s her story:

“Last Wednesday I was invited to a salad super at the local church I work for (as secretary). I sat next to a woman who told me she was ‘famous.’ I asked her how she got famous. She said she belongs to a ladies’ coffee club where they read books and currently they’re reading my books.

“She told them that she knows the author, so now she’s famous(!).”

Laurel was both delighted and amused by this woman’s comment… but the conversation didn’t stop there.

The woman invited Laurel to be a speaker at their church women’s club meeting and Laurel not only accepted the invitation but told the woman she would GIVE HER signed copies of her books to take to her reading club.

“Then you will be really famous!” she told her.

Start To Promote Your Book Locally

Chat among members of any organization or association where you are an active member. Contact the head of that organization to learn if they have any affiliate groups that would welcome you as a speaker.

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Contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

Check out area bookstores that are friendly to bringing in "outsiders," i.e.,writers who do not sell their books through that store's wholesalers.

Contact age-appropriate educational institutions in your community.

Speak wherever and whenever you can, and always have handouts about you and your book.

Go Virtual

The internet is loaded with ways to promote your own book. In addition to a main blog and linked social networking ones, develop a home business centered around self-promotion.

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