Religious Myths Can Be Dangerous & Self-Serving

Religious Myths are not divinely inspired but craftily and often insidiously constructed to suit the greed and need of the power group of the day, states Ric Mason in his controversial book, Transcend Your Religion & Embrace Your Spirituality.

religious myths

Religion encourages separatism, claims Mason, whereas spirituality recognizes that “we are one.”

Mason joins the large number of researchers who have uncovered the many inconsistencies and contradictions in today’s religious doctrines and dogmas.

His breezy “down-home” delivery of hard-hitting truths will hit you in the gut and you’ll find yourself agreeing with what you already know but may be afraid to admit: there will be no tomorrow if we keep mounting barbaric crusades in the name of self-appointed “deities.”

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Writes Tony Stubbs in his remarkable book, It's All About Control: "This book is about freedom. Your freedom. Your freedom from three pernicious conspiracies designed to limit, constrain and enslave you.

"The first began around 440,000 years ago with a bunch of space-faring ETs who needed Earth’s gold to boost the protection given by the atmosphere of their home planet. After mining for many millennia, about 225,000 years ago, they relieved themselves of the back-breaking work in the mines by genetically engineering a new species of what they called ‘lowly workers,’ i.e.,human beings. Since they used their own DNA, they literally madeus in their image.

"All of this is faithfully recorded in thousands of clay tablets that survived the millennia buried in the sands of what is now Iraq, and which formed the source material for the Book of Genesis.

"The primitive lowly workers marveled at the ET technology; space shuttles were seen as ‘winged chariots,’ and a walkie-talkie radio was revered as the Ark of the Covenant. Over time, the ETs groomed human/ET hybrids to serve as middlemen—pharaohs, priests and kings—and the common people were encouraged to worship their ET overlords as ‘gods.’"

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