Self publishing With A Turn-Key Online Company – A First-Hand Account

Self publishing has a new meaning for one of my colleagues after she decided to save some money and “do it herself” with one of the several budget online turn-key companies rather than pay co-publishing costs for quality work.

The following is my colleague's self publishing story (she wishes to remain anonymous):

“This was an awful experience and nearly drove me bonkers! The only reason I considered it at all was because a friend published her book through them and sang their praises to the stars.

“She neglected to mention, until it was too late, that I would need Word 2007—which I did not have—a pdf add on—which I did not have—and some sort of specialty graphics program—which I did not have and could not afford to buy.

“I found out after the preliminary query that I had to make my own cover and lay out my own interior.

"I also found out after the preliminary query that my royalties would be exceedingly tiny.

“So, my book looks like what it is; a cheap knock off, poorly made by a writer who knows nothing whatsoever about anything but writing.

“I did get Word 2007* because I thought it was a wise investment. I did NOT buy the expensive software to create decent cover graphics. I made the cover and the interior in Word and signed off on a less than top-notch book because jumping through flaming hoops took more energy than I had left.

“‘You get what you pay for' holds new meaning after this experience. Writers also need to understand that even if they get published by a publisher who charges no upfront fee and pays an advance, they still end up paying one way or another.

“I know several writers whose joy at a ‘big time’ publishing contract and advance soon turned to dust when their books were not marketed in any way, royalties were spotty or the book was remaindered and taken out of print within a very short time."

*Word 2007 software retailed at the time for approximately $200.00.

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