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Teaching and Parenting is all about an “inner quest,” writes Ronna McEldowney in Enlightened Parenting: What Every Child Wishes For & What Every Parent Wants to Give.

Writes Ronna:

Although many believe space is our 21st century frontier, I would like to suggest that for most people another unexplored area is even more important.

Instead of outer conquest, a large segment of today’s population has made a commitment to the exploration of our “inner self” or inner life.

This inner work is a “quest” rather than a conquest, to re-connect with who we really are.

Our inner quest has taken us in a full circle back to a much earlier time when life was guided by the inner self and its strong connection to the cosmos.

We observe that these earlier cultures possessed wisdom that was divinely inspired.

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Accompanying our new millennium quest is a spiritual awakening. We are continually discovering that “we are one,” unified by universal truths that come alive when we ask why we are here, i.e., what is our life purpose.

We are growing up. Openly and proudly, we are acknowledging that we are spiritual beings. Our mission is to support and guide our children in making a spiritual connection to their innate divine wisdom.

…As spiritual beings who acknowledge our universal connection with all that is, we can say it is not my truth or your truth, but our truth: a unified cosmic “beingness” in which we all participate.

Our own passion is our sense of who we are and what we are here to bring as a gift—the present—to those who come after us. When you do your best, you’re giving your best to others. They will model you and consequently hand down their best to their descendents.

I call this method of teaching and parenting “enlightened”: bringing light and awareness to our children. It is based on the understanding that we can nurture and guide our children best when we are balanced, centered, healthy, and fully functioning.

In order to come to that state of wholeness, we make a commitment to do our inner work—to keep doing that work, and learn from our mistakes. Growth is an ongoing process.

We no longer transmit our lessons to our children through judgment, blame or criticism. Instead, we set an example ourselves. We model for them the behaviors and attitudes that we practice.

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