Some UFO Mysteries May Never Be Solved - At Least Not in Our Own Lifetime

One of the hottest topics on the internet is "UFO Mysteries."

When Dandelion first published Michael Salla's book, Exopolitics: Political Implications of Extraterrestrial Presence, Phenomena News Editor Stuart Miller interviewed Dr. Salla (November 2, 2005) in an article and review of his book. Following are excerpts from that interview:

UFO mysteries

SM: What do you think is actually going on? Do you have a sense of where these aliens may be from; do you have any idea of how many different races might be out there? Do you feel they might actually be here and walking around?

MS: Definitely, yes. I believe that the government has been aware of a number of different extraterrestrial races that have been visiting, based on a number of whistle blower testimonies.

For example, Robert Dean described a NATO document that he saw in 1964 when he was working in the intelligence briefing team for the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Powers in Europe that he saw a document detailing at least 4 extraterrestrial races that the military were aware of, that were flying their ships, and he also described their physical characteristics.

This was a 1964 NATO document and there have been other whistleblowers who have come forward to describe as many as 57 different extraterrestrial races.

Michael Salla - Exopolitics

Others describe 60 or more so it seems that what we have here are many different ET races that some whistleblowers have been privy to in terms of documents that they have come across or information that they have received while working within the intelligence community or the military.

I do believe there is a knowledge about the different ET races that are visiting and that the government agencies that are responsible for dealing with this whole area are keeping this from the general public for reasons we talked about earlier.

SM: Do you feel that the government has any control over this?

MS: I think that’s part of the problem. They probably believe they have very little ability to control the ET races that are visiting, that they are not sure exactly what the extraterrestrials that are here are doing and what they are up to and their long term motivation.

So I think there’s a lot of uncertainty there with the government and that helps account for why they have been so slow to release a lot of information.

For more information about UFO mysteries and important videos that may not be available elsewhere, we recommend this website and also the Conspiracy Journal.


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