Death Without Dying Inside...
Judge Me Not, by Eunice Rich

For survivors, death without dying inside or finding a way to go on living after experiencing a tragic loss can be a far greater challenge than one realizes.

Usually the first responses are overwhelming grief followed by denial about “what really happened.”

Add the quotient of suicide and homicide and the whole world suddenly seems to stand still or lose meaning until one takes time and makes the effort to sort it all out.

This is the challenge Eunice and Bob Rich confronted when their beloved son, Sam shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

At first there was no room for anything other than feelings of devastation and a gutwrenching sense of loss. Added to this was the enormous question “Why?”


In addition to presenting the story of her son Sam, his wife Cheryl, and the suicide/homicide, in Judge Me Not: A True Story Of Tragedy & Loss That Rocked A Family To The Core… Yet Opened The Door To Life On The Other Side, Eunice becomes a mentor for all those who have experenced similar tragedies yet had no way of explaining or justifying them.

Supporting her in the development of this book was Tony Stubbs, Eunice’s editor and one of the world’s foremost writers and researchers of spiritual matters— in particular, death and dying...or death without dying.

“I thought I had completed my work on this book, when I received a phone call from Tony,” writes Eunice. ‘Eunice,’ he said, ‘I don’t think your book is done. I think you have more work to do.’

“ ‘Okay,’ I responded, not quite sure where this was going. He continued, “Sam and Cheryl are the two most important people in your book, right?’

“‘Yes,’ I agreed.

“I think we need to hear their side of the story and I know just the person to help us with that. She is a very gifted medium who has helped many people. She could contact them and let them speak through her. It could be included as another chapter or in some other place.

“As he was speaking, I felt the strong presence of Sam and Cheryl enter the room. “Do you think that Sam and Cheryl would want to do this?” he asked.

"I could feel Sam and Cheryl giving an enthusiastic, 'Yes!' to his question."

                      Excerpt From Epilogue - Judge Me Not

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