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Mind power programs are as prevalent today as weight loss and rejuvenation seminars, workshops and retreats.

What’s most refreshing about the concept of “mind power” is its assumption that we are mental beings and therefore, we can right the wrong in our lives by tapping into our mind and find out what’s going on that’s holding us back from being, doing and having everything we desire.

Many of us may take it for granted today that we create our own reality or that we are the sole proprietor of our messes and successes, but often we don’t realize the full implication of this statement.

Without that deep understanding of ownership—being responsible—often we resort to the blame game or to victimization.

Both are debilitating and keep us in a state of submission to a controlling belief system, substance, habit or behavior that gladly takes our power and uses it to fulfill its own agenda.

Unveil the Past, Heal the Future through Hypnotherapy,, by Dolores Small Proiette, PhD, CHt, is a practicing hypnotherapist who has helped numerous individuals access their subconscious mind, remove the blocks and replace them with positive beliefs, feelings and attitudes.

"What is the process that serious students use to actually realize, or 'bring to manifestation' their Higher Consciousness?" asks Norman D. Livergood, author of Portals To Higher Consciousness. "If you’re interested in investigating higher consciousness, put on your hiking clothes and join this spiritual expedition!"

It Really Is All In The Mind

Tony Stubbs is another expert on spiritual matters. An impeccable researcher and prolific writer, Stubbs claims in his best-selling book, It's All about Control: The God, Jesus and ET Coverup, that religion is at the head of the list for mind power programs that stunt people's growth and keep them enslaved through powerful fear-threat-punishment belief systems.

The fiery Old Testament God is hardly man’s best friend—unless we toe the party line delivered to us by the priest, minister or rabbi.

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