Sexy read - Slouching Past Bethlehem

"A fast, fun and sexy read," writes Midwest Book Review Senior Review Editor Laurel Johnson about Carol's new novel,Slouching Past Bethlehem.

Writes Johnson:

"Carol Adler is a renaissance woman with her mind focused on business and her fingers on the world's pulse. Still, this publisher - editor - writer - poet - journalist - business woman takes time to have a little fun with words.

"Slouching Past Bethlehem is her humorously ironic twist on Yeats' famous apocalyptic poem, so frequently quoted by journalists in modern times.

"Dr. Glissalayne Chondroitin is an accomplished modern woman with numerous university degrees.

Her boss, Ronald Diebleed, is the epitome of elitism who plans to create a new heaven and new earth through genetics and Glissalayne works hard to make his vision a reality.

"Despite her intelligence, high-powered career, and excellent income, she wants more out of life. Her biological clock is ticking. Where is the man who can give her what she needs?

"Certainly it's not Harold Boxcart, the dream man who could talk a good game online but leaves much to be desired when it comes to follow-through.

"All the seminars in the world on empowerment and self-actualization can't help a man like Harold. He's just one more in a long line of failed romances for Dr. Chondroitin.

Regina Diebleed, the boss's otherworldly daughter, learns how to transform Earth by looking to the stars.

She assigns Jonas Foreplay to enhance the existing gene pool, starting with Glissalayne.

"Jonas is an extraterrestrial with telepathic skills, a man with unlimited resources in every way. He's bored by what human males consider female perfection--big bosoms attached to a set of long, skinny legs.

"His first contact with Glissalayne ends Jonas's boredom. Her small imperfections intrigue him, and Glissalayne has finally met her match in romance and intelligence.

"When Glissalayne and Jonas come together, humanity finally wakes up. Can it really be that love and a focused universal consciousness will transform Earth's awful realities?

"Slouching Past Bethlehem is a fast, fun sexy read. Whether you believe in extraterrestrials or not, you do believe in love, don't you?

"And who among us doesn't think our current crop of politicians need to get a divorce from big business? With great imagination and humor, Adler weaves her cautionary tale of star crossed lovers and the "rough beasts" determined to separate them.

For the hard copy edition, go to Amazon, and for the ebook, teleport yourself to Dandelion Booksand download this one."

Laurel Johnson

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