Mayan Wisdom
 The Making Of A Master

Peppered with Mayan Wisdom, Jeanette O'Donnal's The Making of a Master - Tracking Your Self-Worth is a book that you will read, and read again.

Then you will mark it up, dog-ear the pages and carry it around with you until you'll be ready to buy a second copy.

Writes author Jeanette O'Donnal: "In this book I will share many ancient secrets with you, basic principles which I will call 'keys.'

O'Donnal - Making Master

"It seems that no matter how well we may intellectually 'know' these concepts, often we fail to use them.

"Indeed, it’s as if these principles are so easy, we can hardly believe they will really open the doors to greater happiness, self-fulfillment and personal excellence!"

Although an American by birth, O'Donnal's mother is Guatemalan and she spent the first 12 years of life in The Land of the Mayas, where her father was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to build the first rubber plantation.

As a child, O'Donnal steeped herself in Mayan wisdom, keeping journals and becoming careful "tracker" of her own self-worth.

O'Donnal's self-help book is rich with her own life experiences and those of others.

"You are a work in progress; but the only 'work' involved is to allow yourself to be open to experiences that will deliver information about 'who' you are and why you are here," says O'Donnal.

"Sitting in the bleachers and watching the game of life going on around you will not give you those answers. You must get right down there in the playing field and get involved.

"You are about to embark on a new and exciting adventure.

"Perhaps it will be the most important journey you have ever taken in your entire life, because it will help you to experience what you may already conceptually have understood but have not yet 'actualized' or put into action."

Now is the time.

       The Making Of A Master - Tracking Your Self-Worth

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