The Unvarnished Truth
A Collection of Poetry
by Debra Paige

Today we are witnessing a tsunami of lifestyle diseases afflicting our nation.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity are now the fate of a large portion of our population.

The junk food industry, chemically dependent farming, lack of governmental oversight and hijacked science have placed the unsuspecting consumer in grave danger.

After overcoming obesity, food addiction and the near loss of her colon, Debra Paige uses the vehicle of poetry as a call to action.

She points out that “we stand in our chemical filth like the open running sewers” of the past and wonder where all of this disease is coming from.

Discover a voice defending Nature, our only source of healing and a simple solution to the mounting evidence that chemical dependency doesn’t lead a nation to vibrant health.

Debra Paige is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, diet coach, health and wellness speaker, and founder of Nth Degree-Living,

For the past 12 years she has devoted her life to helping people lose weight and regain vitality by removing manufactured or “manipulated” food from their diets and replacing it with wholly natural, nutrient rich foods.

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