Little Red & Grandpa Ron

Little Red and Grandpa Ron is a celebration of the incredible bond of trust and friendship that developed between an amazingly intelligent fox and a retired grandfather living in the mountains of Colorado.

A young red fox faces his first winter alone.

The snow is two feet deep.

He hasn't eaten in three days. He's cold and he's hungry.

Desperate, he turns to the only hope he has for survival: his neighbor, Grandpa Ron.

The story is written for young children, but animal lovers and nature lovers will delight in reading the tales to their children and grandchildren.

The relationship that evolved between these two characters is a blueprint for communication with domestic pets as well as the wild animals of the forest.

It is an extraordinary story of bonding, and Grandpa Ron's narratives are vividly brought to life with numerous photographs of the many characters that interact throughout the story.

Ron Anhorn earned a bachelor of arts degree in business administration and a master's degree in political science from the University of Minnesota.

He completed his Ph.D. Candidacy at Washington State University in political science and wildlife management.

Following a teaching career at the college level, Ron owned a real estate company in Grand Junction, Colorado and, more recently, a loan company in Denver.

He is the father of three wonderful daughters and has been blessed with nine beautiful grandchildren.

In 2006, he retired to the mountains of Colorado near Buffalo Creek. And here is where the story begins.

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