Carol Adler's X-Rated Fiction Nixed From Squidoo

“That Squidoo has X-rated my three fiction works, The Woman With Qualities, Come As You Are, and Slouching Past Bethlehem, is one of the best things that could happen to a serious literary artist,” states author, entrepreneur and professional ghostwriter, Carol Adler.

Adler, whose nonfiction, fiction and poetry have been published both traditionally and online, is president and founder of Dandelion Books, LLC. She has ghostwritten over 40 books and is a recognized expert in the field of writing, publishing and cutting-edge digital technologies.

“Producing what is known as X-rated fiction places me in the same league with Henry Miller; John Steinbeck; Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.; Harper Lee; D. H. Lawrence; Ray Bradbury; J.D. Salinger; William Burroughs; and many other literary giants,” states Adler.

Much Ado about Squidoo - How to Get Naked & Noticed

Adler uses the pseudonym ‘Sarah Daniels’ for The Woman With Qualities, and Come As You Are. Slouching Past Bethlehem, the most sexually graphic of all three, bears Adler’s name on the byline. All three books are available at and other online bookstores worldwide…“except bookstores that do not carry X-rated fiction,” states Adler. They are also available as ebooks through Ingram Digital and Amazon Kindle.

carol adler x ratedfiction

Adler is hailed as a serious artist, dedicated craftsperson and accomplished writer in all genres.

“There’s nothing commercial about my work,” states Adler. “Each book delivers a powerful message and a wakeup call for humanity.

"If music and the visual arts were less abstract, most of today’s serious art would also be banned by the same groups of frightened fundamentalists.

"To them, sex is ‘dirty,’ ‘kinky,’ and ‘evil.’ What a shame!”

It all started on November 3, states Adler. Swimming into her MS Outlook was a giant “O-fish-us looking” Squid wearing oversize spectacles and bearing a large magnifying glass in one of its ten hands.

“The magnifying glass was the kind that Sherlock Holmes and late Dandelion Books author and investigative journalist, Sherman ‘Sherlock’ Skolnick carried around,” states Adler. Skolnick, after being labeled a conspiracy author and publishing scathing reports on his website about some of this country’s most notable white collar crooks and scumbags, became mysteriously ill and died shortly after. (See for Sherman H. Skolnick’s two books, Ahead of the Parade and Overthrow Of The American Republic. Both books were widely publicized by The Idaho Observer whose 41-year-old editor-in-chief, Don Harkins, died on September 18, 2009 of a heart attack.)

X-Rated fiction Carol Adler

“Just as Squidoo’s founder and so-called marketing genius, Seth Godin says in the Squidoo slogan, ‘Let the lenses work for you,’ –that’s what they will surely do, now that my novels have been X-rated,” states Adler.

“What better publicity than to have one’s books classified with a group of literary artists who also dared to expose life in the raw—as it really is—and leave a legacy of some of the most sensitive and extraordinary works that have ever been written?”

Carol Adler Achieves X-Rated Status with Squidoo

Says Adler, “Slouching Past Bethlehem is a play on the great Irish poet William Butler Yeats’ poem, whose famous last lines are often quoted: ‘And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,/ Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?’

“Seth Godin is indeed a marketing genius. He has found a dynamic way to help me market and promote my fiction. He is also helping me sell my books and put my publishing company, Dandelion Books, on the map. We have an extraordinary lineup of uncensored non-fiction and unfettered fiction.”

woman with qualities carol adler amazon Dandelion Books, known as “The Author’s Publisher,” is a publishing company with a mission.

"In addition to their extraordinary literary value, states Adler, they also deliver positive messages and conscious solutions.

“My three novels and my poetry as well, intend to inspire the reader to do extensive inner homework about their life purpose and personal values.”

Adler, also a certified hypnotherapist with nine years of advanced training, and an officer of the Arizona Society for Professional Hypnosis, leaves no metaphorical stones or bones untouched as she dives head first into the unconscious and “gets naked” –forcing her readers to do the same.

“In fact, I like the word ‘naked’ so much, I titled my Master of Fine Arts thesis in Poetry, Naked in Daylight,” states Adler. The collection is available through Dandelion Books and Amazon Kindle as an ebook and soon will be available in hard copy.

“I have a strong Judaic background and the famous Babylonian Jewish scholar, Rabbi Hillel’s famous quote: ‘If I am not for myself, who will be for me?’ is one of my favorites. When I graduated from high school at least a hundred years ago, my yearbook profile read: ‘Prophet of Israel.’” Adler did graduate work in Linguistic Analysis and is also a student of Metaphysics and Epistemology.

“Thanks to Mr. Godin, my dreams have become a reality. Like Elijah, Isaiah (remember Allan Ginsburg’s "Howl"?—Jesus and all great prophets and masters of the past who were scorned by the masses—so too are my fiction works scorned and spat upon by such luminaries as Seth Godin and his Golden Staff.”

States Adler: “According to, squids are ‘marine cephalopod mollusks with elongated bodies and ten arms surrounding the mouth.’ Translated into Adleresque, they are ‘spineless cowards residing in corporate fishbowls.’

"A squid website maintained by the Smithsonian Institute states that ‘larger animals feed off them.’

"Another Adleresque: ‘Big mouths with multiple arms greedily reaching into the cyber-community and like most spineless cowards, living in fear of the larger ‘animals’ such as The Truth, and Honest Sex—of the Multiple Orgasmic Kind.”

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